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Tue: 25 Jan 2022

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Please Note: The old Feedback Form has now been deprecated.

I now have a Forum Area which can be used to post feedback about this main site, so if you have any questions and/or comments about what I've written here, please feel free to use the Forum for such.

Comments will not automatically be made 'Public', but I will read them and act on them, with a credit to the person that made the comment, if I feel that it's a valid point and I find the time. I also reserve the right to publish or not, any comments made.

This link will take you to the Forum Area. You'll need to read and accept the Privacy Policy and Cookie use, then Login to post a comment. You may use the guest account if you'd rather not register; Username and Password both being 'guest'.

I have had to make these changes in order to comply with the European privacy regulations known as GDPR.

Thank you for your interest.