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    Rob (Site Owner)

    Release Date: 31-08-2018

    Show Link: Link to the show at the RichPlanet.net Website

    This is a 3-part show in which R.D.H talks with Dr. Larry O’Hara of Notes From The Borderland.

    The show starts with Dr. Larry O’Hara taking, a little, about his background and quickly moves on to talk about the main topic: The infiltration of so-called “U.K fringe political activity” (such as The National Front) by the U.K Intelligence Services. One of the names that is mentioned in relation to this, is that of Tim Hepple (A.K.A: Tim Matthews as he is/was known in British Ufology).

    Dr. O’Hara explains some of the Hepple’s background and history, including his involvement with both right wing and left wing political groups, and goes on to explain how Hepple was caught urging one group (namely Green Anarchist) to buy equipment and arms as well as to publish a list of names that he (Hepple) claimed were members of the BNP. Hepple also told Green Anarchist that he was an agent of the state, infiltrating the BNP on behalf of Searchlight.

    To be clear, Dr. O’Hara does not support the BNP, but also he does not agree with the attempted manipulation of a benign group such as Green Anarchist, into violence, regardless of the reason.

    As an aside: On 1st September 2009, at a court in Nottingham, the expelled BNP member Matthew Single, pleaded guilty to leaking a BNP membership list of some 12,000 names, although it’s unclear if it was Single or Single’s wife (Sadie Graham. Also expelled from the BNP), who obtained the membership list. Single was fined £200 under the Data Protection Act (reduced from a maximum of £5,000) and ordered to pay an additional £100 in costs.

    Richard D. Hall and Larry O’Hara also touch on a few other people that are know to be state actors, and the show provides some very good research material, names and topics, that kept me busy for a good few hours.

    For some in depth reading about Searchlight, this link is well worth a visit. The TLD seems to be up for sale, so I’m not sure how long the O’Hara page will be there for, so you’ll maybe want to save it for off-line viewing, in case it should ever vanish.

    My Thoughts

    If we assume that Tim Hepple (A.K.A: Tim Matthews) was not lying about his involvement and role as a state actor during his involvement with Searchlight, as a way of appearing to be more important than he actually was, to my mind, blowing his cover by disclosing that “fact” to Green Anarchist, means that he was not a very good agent. The problem I have with Hepple is the same problem I have with any other lier: one never knows when or if the truth is being told, which for me, throws everything that Hepple has ever claimed, in to doubt.

    Please post to this thread if you’d like to discuss the contents of this show.

    Thank you.

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