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    Rob (Site Owner)

    Release Date: 12-10-2018

    Show Link: Link to the show at the RichPlanet.net Website

    In this 3-part show, Richard is once again joined by Dr. Larry O’Hara.

    They start by talking about David Copeland A.K.A: “The 1999 London Nail Bomber”, in which Larry gives an account of the official story. Larry (and/or associates) attended Copeland’s trial and he (Larry) casts much doubt on the ‘Lone Wolfe’ portrayal of Copeland, by the mainstream media, after doing some very in-depth research on the subject.

    Richard and Larry then go on to talk about the murder of Jill Dando [For a full account see: Show Ref 252 Kill Jill: The Dando Assassination Explained] in relation to the Copeland story.

    In part 2/3, the topic of Pseudo Investigative Journalism/Journalists, or State-compromise Pseudo Investigative Journalism/Journalists (S.P.I.J), as Larry puts it, is covered. This term [S.P.I.J] is used to describe the way in which real ‘Investigative Journalism’ has been replaced, or ‘compromise’ by the use of information being feed to an investigator by a state run organisation, but [the information] is then presented in a way that hides the true source of said information. The information is also taken at face value by the S.P.I.J, rather than being properly researched and analysed. In doing this, S.P.I.Js are not only being disingenuous to their audience, but are also damaging their own reputation as well as the reputation of ‘Investigative Journalism’ as a whole.

    The next topics of discussion are that of the disruption of the ‘Anti E.U Movement’, which Larry covered back in 2001 [Issue 4 of Notes From The Borderland] by the state. This topic links back to the discussion about S.P.I.Js and then, issue 5 (2003/2004) of the NFB magazine: The Diana Spencer Video Diaries and the interaction between the Royal Family and the Intelligence Agencies, as well as the Dr. David Kelly case.

    Some readers may not know what the Dr. David Kelly case is about: The official account is that Dr. Kelly committed suicide, but anyone that has done even the minimum amount of research would know that to be false. David Halpin has done some very good work on this topic, which you can read on his site. You can also get a good overview of the case from this Wikipedia page

    We then move on to the Death of Gareth Williams on which, again, Larry has done some very in-depth research on the subject. This is followed by some closing observations and chat.

    As with Show 258, the subject mater in this show alone, provides enough research material and leads to keep one busy for hours. It is well presented and well researched.

    Please post to this thread if you’d like to comment on or discuss the contents of this show,

    Thank you.

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