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    Rob (Site Owner)

    This Forum has no affiliation with Richard D. Hall or the website.

    The Richplanet website launched at some point in January of 2008, with the site’s Page Hit Counter dated from 29th April 2008. The Forum area (built on the miniBB software) seems to have been added later the same year. The first Post that I can find was an Admin post date stamped: 17 Jun 2008 18:25 and the username of satchman, registered 24 June 2012, seems to be the last forum registration, after which time a message appeared stating that WE ARE NOT ADMITTING NEW MEMBERS AT THIS POINT IN TIME. THIS IS DUE TO PREVIOUS TROLLS ATTACKING THE FORUM. The statement goes on to say that suitable moderators are not easy to find and the decision on whether or not to add new members, had not been made. To my knowledge that situation continued right up until the relaunch in July of 2018, when the entire forum simply vanished from the face of Richplanet, along with all the info, good and bad.

    Richard’s new site, as with the old one, catalogues all of his past TV shows (Richplanet TV) as well as the past/current Video shows. Richard also has a YouTube channel, but you can view all of his shows, directly on his site. You can also purchase D.V.Ds and such, but Richard makes almost all of his work available for free, which given the detailed work that he does, is very generous.

    If nothing else, I’d like this site to be THE meeting place for us to talk about Richard’s work.

    If you’d like to hear R.D.H talk about his early days, his show number 250: 10 Years of Richplanet is well worth your time to watch. You can also find more information in Richard’s about page.

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