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    Release Date: 10-09-2018

    Show Link: Link to the show at the Website

    An interesting show that includes some detailed information regarding the tragic death of Milly Dowler at the hands of Levi Bellfield and how the revelation of Milly’s phone being unlawfully accessed, lead to the Phone Hacking Psy Op that followed.

    This is an additional half hour show which attempts to shed light on the phone hacking so called scandal. :-Richard D. Hall

    At apx 12:30 in, Richard explains that in the two years before Milly was taken by Bellfield, who at that time, lived very close to where Milly was last seen, was reported to the police, 93 times for alleged indecent assaults, obscene phone calls and physical assaults. Given that, I have to agree with Richard: Bellfield should have been very high on the list of suspects.

    Was he [Bellfield] being protected by the police and by extension, the Government, because he was an informant? I don’t know, but that seems to be Richard’s assessment, based on what Richard presents in the rest of the show.

    Richard quotes Mike Sullivan; Crime Editor for The Sun. From an article dated 26th June 2011 | Updated 5th April 2016. {**Please note: There does not seem to be anything that indicates what was Updated in this article**} Of Bellfield, Sullivan writes: His usefulness to the Met was last night feared to be one reason the child-sex monster and serial rapist dodged justice for so long. Sullivan goes on to explain that Bellfield was registered with the Met as a covert human intelligence source.

    The point that Richard makes is that the whole tragic case of Milly’s murder was simply buried by the onslaught of greedy parasites, fuelled by the M.S.M, looking to get compensation for having had their phone hacked. The phrase hacked is something with which I take issue. It’s a phrase used by the M.S.M and echoed by people that don’t fully understand the meaning of the term, Richard aside.

    When Milly’s parents were invited to talk with the P.M, it wasn’t because their daughter was murdered by a known child-sex monster and serial rapist, something that could have and should have been avoided, it was because Milly’s phone had been unlawfully accessed; THAT IS SHOCKING!

    If you’d like to discuss the contents of this show, please use this thread.

    Thank you.

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