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    Rob (Site Owner)

    This is a little off-topic for the Forums that we have so far, so I’ll post here…

    In show 263, Richard D. Hall touched on the topic of Cryptocurrency, more precisely, Bitcoin. He follows up on this in the opening 10 minutes of show 264 and provides a link to this pdf file. As I have a passing interest in the subject, I thought I’d post this so that anyone else with any interest in the subject can hear what Richard has to say, which includes some feedback that he has had from a very well informed viewer.

    If any Forum member would like to take on the challenge of providing some material for the topic of Cryptocurrencies, then please get in contact and I’ll set that up. That said, I’d encourage the reading of the bitfraud.pdf (the link is above) before taking up this challenge.

    I’ll say, right off the bat; I know very little about the subject and as such will not be able to add anything, structure aside.

    E.T.A: I’ve now read the bitfraud.pdf document and I found it to be a real eye-opener.

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